CIRCLE WORLD LIGHTING (CIRCLE WORLD CORP.), Founded in 1990, OEM distributors of Philips, Osram, GE in Taiwan, as well as the INSTA professional import agent.

     CIRCLE WORLD LIGHTING is responsible for the promotion and marketing activities of above-mentioned lighting products in Taiwan market. In order to provide consumers in Taiwan with more advanced technology, more convenient products and increasing the quality of the light source integration services.

     There are three light sources for the world-renowned brand manufacturers, the wide range of product categories from a commercial exhibition space, office buildings, Hotels, Luxury, Top Shoppes, and other multi-user needs.

     In order to provide better service to customers, CIRCLE WORLD LIGHTING is committed to providing a complete source integration services and solutions by professional and technical know-how,  helping customers reduce costs and improve market competitiveness.

In order to make effort to extend more markets to provide customers a more complete service, We have planned in accordance with the functional properties of the four major areas since 2013.

1.LED Fixture: PHILIPS Color Kinetics, PHILIPS Hue Smart Bulb. GE Recessed Lighting Fixtures, Connection Batten Fixture, Panel Lighting.

2.LED Dimming Control: Dimming Knob, Control Panel, Remote Controller / Receiver, including PHILIPS ToBe Touched, OSRAM EASY DALI. All kinds of 1-10V, DALI, Trailing Edge, DMX, IR/RF wireless controller.

3.Xitanium LED Driver: All type of Constant Voltage/Constant Current, and 1-10V Dim, Intelligent LED Driver.

4.Lighting design guide: DIALux 3D User Guide, EASY DMX System Guide, and Pre-Sales Guide.


     To a complete product line, with professional knowledge, and the original back-up provided to provide the best solution.